Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Four Students and the Tiger

Many ages ago there was a Guru that lived in a forest. The Guru was renowned for his wisdom and his power. It was said that he could change the path of rivers with wave of his hand, bring rain with a wink, and heal the sickest of people. His skills brought him renown, and with that renown came many students who wished to learn from him. He only allowed the students that showed potential to stay.

Four such were walking through a forest one day and discussing who among them was the best student. The first claimed to be able to turn stones to water, the second claimed to be able to melt the strongest steel at 100 yards, while the third claimed to be able to tell the future, and the fourth remained silent, listening to his brothers go on and on. Making claim after claim. Finally they came upon a tigers skeleton laying in a forest clearing. The tiger had been dead for some time so the first student proposed a challange.

He said, “brothers, let us test our skills upon this beast. We will each work a spell and then decide which of our work is best.”
The other two who had been boasting of their skills agreed, but the fourth was a little reluctant.
He said “brothers I do not think this idea wise. I think each of you is quiet powerful, instead of this contest let us go and drink tea by the river.”

The other three scoffed and mocked the timidness of their brother, who finally relented and said. “I will go up this tree and watch you work, after you are finished I will judge to see who did best.” So saying he scampered up the tree followed by the laughter of his brothers.
Watch this,” said the first student. He waved his hands and recited an incantation. The bones of the tiger jumped and began to regrow it's muscels and veins. The now partly whole tiger settled back to the ground.

“That's nothing, watch me work.” Said the second student and he waved his hands and recited an incantation. The partly whole tiger jumped and began to regrow it's organs and skin. The now whole tiger settled back to the ground.

Ho, ho, truely impressive my borthers but I can best you both.” Said the third brother and he leaned down and breathed life into whole tiger.

The tiger leaped to life with a mighty hungry roar, having just come back from the dead, it leapt upon the surprised students and ate all three before wandering off into the forest. The fourth student sitting at the top of a tree watched all in horror as his brothers were eaten. As soon as the tiger left, the student lept down from the tree and ran back to the Guru's school.
The Guru listened patiently to the student's story and said, “well it seems you are the most powerful of the four.”

Three lessons can be learned from this:
One - it is better to be timid then boastful
Two - wisdom is true power
Three - power is a tiger, and will turn on the user when used unwisely

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