Saturday, March 14, 2015


Long the lights stayed lit
The dreamers danced
and swayed
Drinking in the sights,
drowning by the sound

Up on high
the old ones watched,
counting every crown
Down below,
the poor ones dined
on leavings from the stable
In between
the dreamers danced,
on promises of gold
Far away the pyres burned
The young men did as told

Went marching off
to foreign lands
With loyalty and love

The ones that died
Saw light,
growing ever dimmer
The ones that lived
saw their love
falling ever sicker

While the pyres burned
ever more the higher

On the streets
The mad ones preached
Calling all the sinner

Up on high,
in great glass towers
The old ones did not weep
They swept away
the rain days
with pen strokes
on a sheet

The music played,
the dreamers swayed
The young ones died
in number

Down the way
The fires burned
Growing ever hotter

On the streets below
Sombre voices called,
for love and understanding
In response
the dreamers sent
jack boots, with a warning

Knights in shining stain
Sent out a gift of tears
to the boiling sea,
and when it did not break
By accident or reason
They lit a spark
that broke the mirror
with a sudden roaring flame

In the shadows 
of the pyres
the broken ones did gather
In their eyes
the love had died
and all that's left 
was anger

Their fists were raised
to welcome in these
dark and bloody days

Up on high 
the old ones saw,
with growing disconcert
Their knights had turned to ash
The dreamers dance was done
The lights gave way
to the end of their
vile and sordid game

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